What if citizens were really at the heart of the health care system?

Our mission

To support health research and clinical practice by developing socio-technological approaches and training the next generation.

Our vision

To contribute to the building of an efficient, fair and citizen-centred learning health system

Dr. Jean-François Ethier and Professor Luc Lavoie founded the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Health Informatics (GRIIS) in 2014. Since then, we have given top priority to issues about access to health data for health care delivery and research.

Our team of researchers, students and professionals adopts scientific, informational, medical, legal, ethical and philosophical perspectives.

We propose novel ways of thinking and solutions that unify health care, research and knowledge transfer.

We train the next generation by offering internships, research projects and courses at all academic levels.

These questions keep us awake at night. . .

We take health data to heart